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The #1 Exercise To Lose Belly Fat (FOR GOOD!)

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belly fat is really easy to gain and

notoriously hard to lose it can seem as

though no matter what exercises you try

and no matter how well you eat the belly

fat just won't budge and unfortunately

with exception to surgery there is

currently no proven method of being able

to spot reduce fat from the belly there

is an exercise however that is

incredibly underutilized yet powerfully

effective when it comes to losing belly

fat today i'll share what that is and

how you can start using it right away

first off let's talk about why belly fat

is so hard to lose in the first place

this was first brought to attention in

literature back in 1997 by dr bouchard

where he discovered that certain areas

of your body are easier to lose fat than

others and is largely determined by

genetics they found that although some

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