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Remove algae dust from bottom of pool, quick and cheap

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bought this air filter Walmart $10 and

guess what I am going to use it for see

if I can use this to mop up algae dust

at the bottom of my pool there is the

filter at the bottom of the pool held

down with my pool brush there is the

algae I am going to mop up and hopefully

it will stay in the fine mesh of that

filter I can tell it is working because

as I drag it towards me over the algae

dust the algae dust is not coming up in

a cloud like it normally does when you

disturb it at the bottom it rises into a

cloud I'm not getting that clout that

means the algae dust is going into the

filter it's easier to put the filter at

the end as far as you can reach and then

drag it towards you rather than pushing

it away from you yeah I've got the

filter on the deck

and I am going to rinse it out

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