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Why do haemorrhoids bleed?

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Haemorrhoids normally bleed because they’ve become engorged, congested and swollen and

therefore being made of blood vessels, those blood vessels will eventually burst and bleed.

Normally, this happens when there is an increase or prolonged increase in the abdominal pressure

which pumps more blood into the haemorrhoids which will eventually burst and bleed. This

is why patients with constipation or a patient needs an excessive straining to open a bowel

or spending too long sitting on the toilet are more likely to suffer with haemorrhoidal

bleeding. The hemorrhoidal bleeding normally consists of bright red blood because it is

highly oxygenated blood and normally happens at the end of defecation. One thing that I

would like to stress is the importance of these symptoms. Pure bleeding is very common

and very often is believed to be associated to haemorrhoids which is often the case.

Unfortunately though, there are also other instances where the bleeding may be secondary

to other more serious causes. Therefore, anytime a patient suffers pure bleeding, this should

be reported to the GP and discussed and maybe investigated.

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