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Cure Your HEADACHES & MIGRAINES Naturally! Dr. Mandell

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thank you

I'm going to show you how to get rid of

those headaches in less than a minute

there are several things I'm going to

teach you that's going to make a huge

difference to help your body heal

naturally the first thing most headaches

come from the back of the skull tension

headaches forward head posture the

muscles are constricting they're pulling

the nerves that go under the skull go

over the head behind the eyes so when

you get headaches you could be getting

them behind your skull over the head or

even behind your eyes what is the best

thing to do first take a nice pack put a

paper towel over it apply it behind the

skull on the suboccipital area right

here you'll apply it about 10 to 15

minutes you can lay it over a pillow you

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