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How To Treat a Scab from a Pimple - Tip Tuesday

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hey everyone welcome back to my channel

so today's tip Tuesday is going to be

how to treat a scam that you have from a

pimple many times I receive questions

from my clients and this is the reason

why I had thought of doing this for a

tip Tuesday because I know that many of

us have been in this situation that you

get a pimple and it develops a scab and

sometimes when either you have a cystic

pimple or you just have a pimple that

pops and it's a little bit bigger than

normal than than usual size small ones

it will tend to leave a scab whether

it's on your chin it's on your cheek

it's on your forehead wherever it is so

I have many people that have asked me oh

my god I have an event coming up what

should I do

how should I treat it what's the right

thing to do they're going to see me the

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