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Even the cleanest of homes can get bed bugs. They need only a means of entry

and a food source. Bed bugs reproduce and spread rapidly, so even a small problem

can quickly become a large infestation. Telltale signs of bed bugs include a

sweet musky odor, rust-colored spots on mattresses, or bedding and bites similar

to those of a mosquito. To confirm the presence of bed bugs, use disposable

bed bug traps that will attract and trap insects in about an hour. If bed bugs are

present, place additional traps in other areas of your home to determine how

widespread the infestation may be. All infested rooms must be prepped before

treating the problem. Clear clutter from the room, especially from under and

around the bed. Any items you're washing should be placed in a sealable plastic

bag while still in the affected room. If you're getting rid of items, dispose of

the bags outside of your home. If you have items stored in boxes, place them in

plastic totes instead. Bed bugs can hide inside cardboard. Remove any bedding and

clothing that have been exposed. Seal them in bags and immediately clean all

items with a detergent specially formulated for killing bed bugs. Set your

washer on its hot-water cycle and dry the load on the hottest temperature

setting. Vacuum the room thoroughly, including the mattress box spring

baseboards, and even behind switch and outlet plates. When done, immediately

remove the vacuum bag or bagless container. Seal it in a plastic bag and

dispose of it. There are a variety of safe, do-it-yourself bed bug treatment

products available. Most of them are older less and non-staining. For larger

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