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How to Bury a Negative Google Review (Fast)

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we've all been through this you're

happily working away when suddenly from

the corner of your eye you notice a

pop-up notification flashing on your

phone you grab it to check what it is

then realize a disgruntled customer has

just left a one star review on your

Google Business listing your heart sinks

after pouring sweat and blood into your

business for weeks your reputation has

been damaged in the blink of an eye

after investigation it turns out that

whoever left you that next to Google

review is not even a client of yours and

now you're angry whether it comes from

an existing client or not getting a

negative Google review is never welcome

especially when it's undeserved in

today's video I'm going to show you how

to best handle this kind of situation

and I will also give you a simple tip at

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