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How to Take Advantage of a Bad Boss - Jocko Willink

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you got an opportunity your your mentor disappears for long stretches good let

him go take a long lunch boss I got it oh you want to assign me these menial

tasks well eventually he's going to take all these breaks then he's gonna have

you do the the more meaningful work so that's fine

um you you can do better work than him good that's gonna be fine that's going

to show through eventually he's well-connected up the chain of command

beautiful beautiful because if you can now build a relationship with him

you're going to be well connected to and that's going to be the hardest part

right the heart that's me it's gonna be hard to do and it's especially hard to

do because your attitude right now is negative right your attitude right now

is negative it's a little ego kicking in I can do better than him jeez I'm

underutilized he's his he does things or I he's making

me do things beneath my capabilities those were all just ego it's fine we

egos good egos got a lot of positives through it it's what's driving you to

want to do better so it's okay but you're gonna have to overcome that in

this scenario in order to build a relationship with this guy man I built

relationships with guys that I hated you know I mean because guess what does that

make me to face no you know what it's my job I'm a professional yeah I am a

professional I guarantee you you come and work with me

you will see I am a professional and yet I will build relationships so not yet

but so that means my job and my professionalism is more important than

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