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How Do I Get Rid of Bacterial Vaginosis? | This Morning

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just very quickly here of with a minute

to go Jenny says how do I get rid of

bacterial vaginosis she's had it on and

off for two years treatment usually

clears up but then it comes back so

bacterial vaginosis this as a result of

a change in pH or disruption of the

chemicals within the vagina so it can

cause this fishy really sticky kind of

discharge now the main way of treating

it is back to antibiotics but if it's

happening recurrently which it often

does with a lot of patients 50% of

people get it again within three months

then they may need either a prophylactic

things there something to stop it from

recurring or looking into whether

they've got any triggers like soaps

bubbles and vagina or douching any of

those kind of things that might be the

cause if if it happens despite all of

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