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Skyrim How to clear your bounty and NOT lose your stolen goods.

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what's up ladies and gentlemen boys and

girls pyro stasis here and I want to

kind of update one of my older videos on

how to clear a bounty and how to get

your items back etc etc there's been

some questions on what you lose and how

everything works well as you can tell

right here not a crime

whoops I've got a thousand 40 bounty

now a half an gar bounty is also for

whatever reason solitude I don't know

why they call it half an hour I'm sure

there's a reason I do happen to have a

quest up there so we're gonna go ahead

and head up there real quick and as soon

as I zone into the town I'm going to get

arrested one thing I want to show you

first as you can see I have a blade of

woe in my right hand items weapons blade

of woe now that is one of the stolen

items as you can see in the upper right

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