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Doctor explains WHOOPING COUGH plus examples of REAL SOUNDS | Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & more!

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hi I'm Dr Donovan and in this video

You're Going to Hear real life sounds of

whooping cough such as this

we're also going to cover other common

symptoms that you need to be aware of

how whooping cough is diagnosed plus

treatment options and possible warning

signs that would indicate immediate

medical attention needs to be sought if

you just want to hear the sounds then

this is the time that they appear in the

video and feel free to skip ahead to

this section however I do think it's

worth watching the whole video so that

you're fully aware of what whooping

cough is and what you need to do if your

child develops this so let's start off

with understanding what whooping cough

is whooping cough also known as

pertussis is a highly infectious disease

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