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Eye Doctor Explains How to Get Rid of Under EYE BAGS

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so a super common question I get as an eye doctor  is: how to get rid of under eye bags? I bet at  

some point you've looked in the mirror and saw  your eyelids looking puffy and you're like,  

Why do i have these bags under my eyes? and  ultimately how do i get rid of them? and I've  

seen a lot of BS stuff on YouTube as well as on  the internet just kind of talking about ways to  

remove eye bags so I wanted to shed some light on  the subject that's today's video let's take a look

hey what's up this is Dr Allen here from the  Doctor Eye Health show helping you learn all  

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ring the bell so that you don't miss any of our  future videos now in this video i first want to  

go over how to get rid of eye bags naturally,  as a lot of my viewers on this channel and my  

patients in the clinic including myself we're not  big fans of taking medications if we don't have to  

but then I also want to comment on under eye bag  creams and really why I don't recommend them and  

then we'll comment on different surgical  options for treatment for under eye bags  

but first here are a few things that you can  do at home tip number one is to avoid high salt  

diets when you eat a lot of salty food that's  going to cause water to accumulate in your tissues  

leading to swollen puffy eyes with that under eye  bag appearance it's not the true number one cause  

for having under eye bags but it certainly  causes this issue for a lot of people and  

it will exacerbate your symptoms and this is even  the same reason why people get puffy eyelids after  

crying because the salt content of your tears ends  up drawing water into the tissue causing swollen  

puffy eyelids leading to those under eye bags in  this case for anybody with a swollen puffy eyelid  

use cold compresses cold compresses will  help shrink the blood vessels around the eye  

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