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How to Treat H. Pylori Naturally with Diet

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"How to Treat H. Pylori Naturally with Diet"

The salting and pickling of fish produces a novel DNA mutating

chemical called CMBA, which is formed from a reaction of the salt,

nitrite preservatives, and methionine,

an amino acid found concentrated in animal proteins.

The nitrites can also interact with other protein components

to form N-nitroso compounds, a powerful class of carcinogens

found in cigarette smoke.

This may explain why processed meats, such as bacon, ham, hot dogs,

lunch meat, sausage, have been tied to increased stomach cancer risk,

but this extends to fresh, unprocessed, unsalted meat as well.

But wait. I thought most stomach cancer was caused by an infection

with a stomach bacteria called H. pylori.

There's a synergistic interaction between H. pylori-induced

inflammation gastritis and diet in the formation of stomach cancer.

Check it out.

Researchers in China discovered that even genetically

vulnerable individuals infected with a particularly

pathogenic strain of H. pylori did not appear to be

at increased risk of stomach cancer unless they ate about an ounce

or more of pork per day.

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