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How to Get Rid of Genital Warts | A Natural HPV Topical Wart Treatment

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if you are dealing with unsightly and

really annoying genital warts today I'm

going to share with you four natural

ways to treat and get rid of these warts

let's dig into today's video


so genital warts whether it's one or

multiple or if they keep coming back the

root the derivative the cause of these

warts is a virus a sexually transmitted

virus called HPV human papillomavirus

and it creates these small flesh colored

gray bumps that sometimes can be

irritating more so insightly and

annoying and they are a sign of a

weakened immune system both on the skin

and internally I actually have created a

whole entire protocol to combat HPV

inside your body so that your body gets

rid of these warts externally internally

the virus can Harbor itself and lay

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