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How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Treatment At Home Remedy and Fix

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Welcome to this week's video we're talking about  bad breath we're going to learn how to get rid  

of bad breath and bad breath treatment that you  can do at home so welcome to my channel if you  

haven't been here before we talk about everything  medical and health care and all of the information  

that we give on this channel is supported by  scientific evidence so you know you can trust  

the information as always with every single video  we will timestamp it in the description below so  

if you want to find any specific information feel  free to click on the description and click on the  

bit that is relevant to you also if you watch  this video today and you learned something you  

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grow now let's begin now there's nothing worse  than having bad breath and being conscious of it  

especially during a job interview or a first  day or something like that and it's going to  

make you really self-conscious about your breath  so hopefully we're going to go through loads of  

information this video is going to help you  however sometimes when you have bad breath  

it's inevitable so for example morning breath you  can't really do much about that unfortunately but  

if you do have bad breath constantly it can make  you feel a bit uncomfortable it can make you feel  

a bit embarrassed sometimes it can affect your  self-esteem your confidence and up to 50 percent  

of people have this bad breath and a medical  term for its halitosis it affects both women  

and men equally and it can be caused by a variety  of reasons such as tonsillitis acid reflux poor  

dental hygiene tooth infections there are loads of  loads of different reasons that can be causing it  

so we now know a little bit of science about bad  breath but not to worry we are going to go through  

how you can get rid of bad breath immediately and  also things that you can do that are going to help  

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