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Top 5 FREE Wedding Planning Apps and Websites | *BEST* Resources for Budget Brides

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don't mind all my gray hair I haven't

been dyeing it so yeah hello YouTube

welcome or welcome back to my channel my

name is Tina and I make videos every

single week on DIY lifestyle and right

now I'm focusing on my wedding series

and I feel like a broken record because

I've said that so many times now but in

case you're new here that's what I'm all

about and for today's video I wanted to

talk about my five top favourite free

resources for planning your wedding a

few of you guys have been DMing me and

asking me specific questions about my

wedding things that I did to plan it and

I thought that putting my top favorites

in a video would be super helpful to a

lot of you guys so that is what we're

doing today I'm not gonna be mentioning

some more basic sites like Pinterest

because obviously Pinterest is such an

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