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Google Voice - How to get a FREE phone number!

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I'm gonna show you how to get a free

phone number using Google Voice I'm Andy

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you're gonna learn how to get a free

phone number that's right you don't have

to pay for this phone number and you can

have it a unique number separate from

your personal phone number to use for a

business account to give to people for

business inquiries let's say you have

like a private Instagram account and you

don't want people having your personal

phone number you can just give them

their your Google Voice number which

looks just like a phone number acts like

a phone number and then you don't have

to worry about people having access to

your personal phone number the best part

is that it's free so I'm gonna show you

how to get it all set up in this video

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all right guys let's jump right into it

Google Voice I'm gonna open up the

Google Voice app on my iPhone I'm

already signed in but this is how it

works you're gonna sign up or if you

already have a Google account like a

Gmail for your email you can use that to

create a free phone number so this is

the main screen of the Google Voice app

if I click these three bars in the top

left I can kind of see some

count information I can click the

drop-down arrow manage accounts add an

account I'm gonna create a phone number

for this account so I'm going to go back

into those three lines I'm gonna go to

settings and if you're signing in for

the first time you're actually gonna see

a pop-up that will take you through the

choose a phone number sequence but if

you accidentally skip it or close it

this is how you get to that same spot so

when your settings you're gonna see

right there at the top you're gonna

click choose now I can choose a phone

number so I'm gonna click search I'm

gonna type in my city so I'm in Provo

Utah u T search let's see let's see

let's see there are no more Google Voice

numbers in Provo Utah okay

I'll click a closeby city so Payson is

pretty close by so I'm gonna click

Payson and search okay there you go guys

now those are the just first off the bat

recommended phone numbers but I can

click load more if I want to and kind of

see some more options and so basically

if you're a business you might want to

select like a phone number that might be

like kind of catchy I guess in a way you

can't be too specific I mean this is a

free phone number but pick something

that's like easy for you to remember

maybe easy for your customers to

remember whatever you're gonna use this

for so let's see here three eight five

four oh four one two three two one I

like one two three two

so I'm gonna choose that one let's easy

to remember three eight five four oh

four one two three two that you guys is

my free phone number so I'm just gonna

click Next verify my real phone number

verified my real phone oh crap

recent I never typed those in wrong okay

here we go claim your account is now

ready to use so I can use this phone

number to text anyone I can text I can

call it's gonna act just like a phone

number but everything is going to

in that Google Voice app all right guys

so this acts like a real phone number

but you're gonna use everything within

the Google Voice app so right here I'm

in messages this is just like my

messaging app so if I press the plus

send a new message and let's send a

message all right so I'm gonna send a

new message so I type in the phone

number and it has my contacts from my

mobile phone which is really nice too so

you can just text someone job if you

already have them saved into your

contacts so let's text this person type

message hey what's up I'm using Google

Voice send and that sent to that person

like a normal text message they're gonna

get it on their phone like a text

message so let's see if I can get a text

back I'm just gonna go back to my main

screen we'll see if we can get a reply

but yeah there you go right there

messages just like your messaging app

you can make phone calls too so I can go

to the phone and I can press the plus

make call and I can call someone and

their phone will ring from this number

so it's basically like using your phone

but not using your normal phone number

using your free phone number so Google

Voice guys is really cool I use Google

Voice for like all my businesses that I

set up because I don't really want

customers or people online having access

to my personal phone number cuz I don't

know you could get spammed and all sorts

of stuff so the easy way is just to

create a Google Voice account a gmail

account for your business or whatever

create a free phone number use that

phone number for your business so that

if you do get phone calls from people

your phone will ring as if you're

getting a phone call from the Google

Voice app and you can choose to answer

it or not enter whatever get a voicemail

text and use your phone it's like using

one phone for multiple phone numbers and

like I said you can sign in to multiple

accounts and have multiple phone numbers

so this is really cool app guy

that like I said I've used for my

businesses but you can use it for a

variety of reasons you can just have a

separate personal phone number that you

can give out to strangers or I don't

know people you don't really want having

your personal personal phone number so

ladies if you want to give Gaea you're a

guy up phone number that's not really

your phone number you can just have a

free one and give that out you know and

then he's gonna find out like two weeks

down the road if you like him I guess

well what the heck you give me your fake

phone number but I'm sure he'll

understand something that's that's

really cool guys about Google Voice is

that you can get a transcribed voicemail

so that means when someone calls and

leaves a voicemail the app will

transcribe it so it will turn their

voice into text so that's something

that's really cool cuz then you don't

actually have to listen to voicemail I

don't know why but I hate listening to

voicemail so it's like I don't know it's

awkward for me for some reason I don't

know that's why I'm just weird but if

someone leaves your voicemail it will

transcribe it into text so you can read

the voicemail so that's something that's

really cool all right guys that's Google

Voice so like I said it's just an app

that sits right on your phone just like

any other phone app messaging app

whatever other app you have and it acts

like a separate phone number for texting

for calling from your fake account so

like right here if I'm just like sitting

on my my home screen and I get a Google

Voice text there you go new text message

from Google Voice boom right there

and I can just text from Google Voice

from my fake phone number and the person

on the other end has no idea that I'm

using Google Voice for them it's just

coming through as a normal phone number

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