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How to Get a Free USA Phone Number for Verification 2021💯 | For SMS Verification


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hello guys welcome back to another video


today's video i'm going to show you guys

how to get

free usc number for free i believe

recently in my recent video i publish a

video tutorial on how to get

free foreign numbers and it's require

you to pay some few bucks for you to get

the number activated

but for this video tutorial is going to

lead you through how to get for free

without a pay in time

and mostly what you must notice in this

video is that this video is meant for

educational sake

and okay what are the requirements you

need to get this done

is that you need a strong vpn

and an another application that will

help you to get this for free

okay now i'm going to show you show you

step by step on how to get it for free

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get free numbers for free

on another country now let's go to

google play store


um you can use another vpn but for the

mistake of this video tutorial

let's make use of a voice creator vpn



now as you can see here is the vpn

if you are just um searching on this

you have to click the installation

button that is going to be available


after the installation you click the

oppo button

okay now once you click the open button

it's going to redirect you to

an application dashboard and you will be

asked to provide

either your login details or signing up

after that you can select any of the

free server

and you will be giving more data okay

for once you verify your email okay

now let's select usc centra

from this from the free server that we

are going to emcee there

let's select atlanta mounted here

okay we are going to wait for it to

stay connected as we got seen connected


atlanta monte all right connected

now for us to make it sure that we stay

on that very server

let's go to chrome and search


let's search for our high p





okay let's click on this first search

all right after cutscene city atlanta


georgia and the country united states


now we have to go back to

a google play store and search for this

and mobile application that will help us

to get

this free uic number um

you must make sure you stay on that very


okay using your vpn




all right as you can see there is an


you click on it here you have to click

the installation button

for it to install in your android mobile


now after the installation you click the

unpro button

okay now it's going to take

a little break of your time if you are


installing this mobile application in

your android phone

you have to keep patient

okay then you click on the

get started right

okay here you have the options like

create an account already have an

account login with your email

facebook on google accounts you click on

create an account

as you can see our location here is

giving us a

georgia okay um you can decide to change

the location to

your satisfaction or to your choice but

remember we still connected to this very

city atlanta mountain and the gate

here as you can see the region which is


then we just have to leave it exactly

what is here

now we have to select our number choose


number okay let's select this

then you click on the confirm this


okay you click on allow

then here you have to put your email


then here you put your password


then here you select how old are you

then here you choose your identification

then you click on the register okay


all right article c the work is done

here is your new number for

verification purpose

for you to get the best features

on this ferry number you have to pay

a 5 but you can leave it

and we use it in free package okay






all right as you can see here is your


uic number and the tag here is that

for verification purpose you have voice


sms for that purpose you can use this to


either using voice or sms okay

now that is exactly how to get free

uic number one for free for

verification purpose as you can see here

is my

mobile number whenever and i want to use

this for verification

you can just include this on that very


on that application you want to use then

you will receive

your message in here okay click your

inbox here

now if you have any question to ask


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