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How to get into an Airport Lounge in 2024 (There is a FREE hack!)

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in today's video I'll be running through

the many ways that you can access an

airport lounge the next time you travel

as well as some secret hacks at the end

of the video to get in at a discounted

rate and even for free


the easiest way to gain access to

airport lounges around the world would

be through credit card benefits there

are so many credit cards especially in

the US that include airport lounge

access as a perk in their annual fee it

can be a pleasant surprise to learn that

you may already have free lounge access

with the credit card that you use and

just not know it popular cards that

offer lounge access as well as other

travel perks include the platinum card

with American Express and the Chase

Sapphire Reserve let us know down in the

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