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- [Voiceover] One of the very interesting things

about genetic recombination is that

you can actually use genetic recombination

to figure out the distance between

genes on a chromosome.

And if you were to do this to all the genes on a chromosome,

you could actually map out the chromosome,

figure out exactly where the genes are.

And we're going to explore that concept.

So we're looking at a pair of homologous chromosomes,

and let's just say that the orange chromosome

is the paternal chromosome, so it comes from the father,

and let's say that the yellow one

is the maternal chromosome.

And, just to remind ourselves, these are sister chromatids.

That means that they are identical chromatids,

they have identical genes on them.

So those colored circles that I drew

represent just some genes that I randomly picked.

And you can see that on the two sister chromatids

I drew them in the same color, because they are the same.

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