How to Blur Backgrounds in Photopea

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in this video i'm going to show you how

to blur the background of an image so

that the subject really stands out

hi there and welcome to the video so as

you can see i've already got an image

loaded here which you can download from

a link in the description box below

and it's a photographer against the busy

city background now we want to isolate

him more from the background and make

him stand out by blurring the background

even more it is blurred already now

straight from the camera as you can see

with some natural out of focus areas but

it's still very busy to the eye and i

want to just take that stage further

so we're just going to start by

duplicating the background layer twice

so that's control or command j

depending if you're on a pc or mac let's

do that twice we'll call the top layer

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