Sims 4 Taking Care Of A Garden Planting / Garden Basics PS4 /5 Or PC

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so are you new to the sims 4 and you're

trying to figure out how to plant or


and you would just like some information

on the basics in the game as far as

planting and gardening goes well stick

with me because i'm going to give you

that information hello my wolf pack

thank you all for watching

and initially i'm showing you yes i used

to cheat code because this uh character

that i have right now is currently at

not even um beginner level

for gardening so i'm showing you here

the different seeds that you can

available for purchase

when you go into like the build mode

part of the game and it's in the outdoor

um activities i believe is what that's

called and these are different planters

and inevitably

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