Making G10 D.I.Y knife liner

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hi guys part two of my bushcraft knife

I've made a mini Forge to eat tree and

not enough for tree I've lost all the

video for it we've got a couple of

snapshots I've inserted hopefully if

anyone wants to see the forge and our

built it or can explain on and perhaps

on another video so this videos is how I

made some resin liners from an iPhone

made for different colors and of cut

that's a porous card cut it up and I've

got some laminated wood and I've stuck

some self adhesive plastic to stop the

resin sticking to it and then got some

fog glass resin and glued all all of

them together well one color at a time

unfortunately I made a big mistake of

using freezer bags that separators but

I'm not thinking that they were

double-sided and cause a bit of a

problem moving around I should have

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