How to buttercream a sponge cake ready for covering with sugarpaste/fondant icing

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hi I'm Lynne and I'm a cake decorator

and tutor from West Wales the name of my

company's linens cake creations I've got

a little bit of spare time on my hands

at the moment so I thought it would be

an opportunity for me to put a couple of

videos together to show those of you

who'd like to start cake decorating that

their techniques in covering a cake with

buttercream and then sugar paste and

then doing simple cutout decorations and

possibly some unwired sugar flowers to

put on an alternative cake I'm going to

split the videos into four so that you

can work through each one and the first

one would be buttercream in sponge cake

ready for sugar paste in the second

we'll be covering the cake with sugar

paste the third will be doing simple

cutouts and the fourth will be doing

simple and wild flowers in producing the

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