How to File your Nonprofit Taxes

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hey folks this is Steve with nonprofit

Ally and today we're gonna file our

taxes I know pretty exciting so first of

all the taxes that we're filing right

now are going to be for nonprofits who

make $50,000 or less per year right it's

a specific filing it's the form 990-n

it's called it's known as the e postcard

and the beautiful thing about it is it

literally is it's the size of a postcard

it's electronic postcard but it's very

small and it's free and you submit this

and it's it's that easy so if you have

gross revenue of 50,000 or less per year

you qualify or most likely qualify there

are other requirements but most likely

if your 501c3 with 50k or less per year

you qualify for this filing so cool the

link is below I want you to follow that

link and that's actually the page I'm on

now so if you go and click that link

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