How To File Your Taxes For FREE Online in Canada 2023 (Max Refund) - Griffin Milks

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well it's that time of year that you

either love or hate depending on whether

or not you'll be getting a nice tax

return or if you have a tax balance

owing based on your income from last

year of course I'm speaking about tax

season here that in Canada opens as of

February 21st so actually a couple of

days ago by the time you see this video

up until generally April 30th but this

year you get one extra day to file your

taxes because April 30th falls on a

Sunday so you have up until May 1st now

overall when most people think of tax

time they think complicated and I need

an accountant to help me out so I don't

make any mistakes but in reality based

on most people's Financial situations

you're probably more than able to do

this yourself from your home computer in

like less than an hour and usually even

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