Get Tax Returns for Students in Germany | Even If You Have Paid Zero Taxes !!!

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if you are a student in Germany or if

you were a student in Germany filing a

tax return will get you a considerable

amount of money in return even if you

have paid zero taxes as a student you

don't believe me let's get started if

you are new here my name is Trader and

in this channel we talk about wealth

happiness and sometimes taxes now I am

not a financial advisor or a tax expert

I'm just sharing my experiences from

what I have learned so take all this

information but make your own decisions

College time is both exciting as well as

a struggle your income is usually

limited as a student but you still have

a lot of costs associated with your

studies in every aspect of life having

more expenses than income is bad except

for one filing your taxes if you are a

student in Germany in most cases you

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