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how to fill out the 2021 irs form 1040

the 1044 may look complex however don't

be overwhelmed with doing taxes and

filling out the form

here we will step through some of the

more common lines for the 1040 to help

give you an idea of what things you

likely will need to fill out first what

is form 1040 form 1040 is the u.s

individual income tax return it is a

federal income tax form that people use

to report their income to the irs and

claim tax deductions or credits it is

used to calculate their tax refund and

tax bill for the year you may file your

tax return online with tax software or

you can also download form 1040 directly

from the irs website if you prefer to

complete your return by hand what is on

the 1040 tax form before we get into the

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