How to File Your Taxes as a LLC Owner in 2023 [Step-by-Step]

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okay how to file your taxes as an llc

owner let's discuss it now in order to

do this we have to break this video down

into two sections because you have the

single member llc and then you have the

multi-member llc and although they are

both limited liability companies or llcs

the tax returns are prepared and filed a

little bit differently and i want to

make sure that you are filing your taxes

correctly in 2022 so today i'll be going

over what tax returns you need to file

as an llc owner what you need to record

and what you need to put in your tax

return how to pay your current and

future taxes and any tips and faqs along

the way so you stay out of trouble with

the irs so if all that sounds good to

you make sure you like this video while

the intro plays

hey there and welcome to our channel i'm

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