How to Submit a Tax Return in Germany // German Tax Declaration Step by Step Example 2023

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how to submit a tax return in Germany is

probably the most common question I get

on this channel so in this video I will

show you exactly how to submit a tax

return using an online app called unitex

in order to correctly fill out your

income tax return forms you will need to

prepare some information in advance most

people will need to supply the following

details in their forms your tax ID or

tax identification number the details of

your local tax office or Finance armed

the iban of your German bank account

your employment tax statement called

launch time shinigum receipts or proof

of payments for tax deductions more on

that later on in the video use my link

to register and get a 5 Euros discount

on your first tax return submission

using window tax the best thing is that

you can do all of your tax return

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