What Documents Are Required For A Birth Certificate Replacement?

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- [Woman] I need to replace my birth certificate,

so what documents do I need to have?

- [Man] Here, we help you understand the differences

between states and provide a checklist of requirements

to meet when trying to obtain a certified copy

of your birth certificate.

The usual requirements and documents

for obtaining your birth certificate include one,

proof of identity,

two, parental information,

three, the reason for a replacement,

four, a physical address,

five, a check or money order

for the amount of your state fees.

Also, be aware that your state may require you

to notarize your application.

- [Woman] Can I apply for my child or relative?

- [Man] For security purposes,

most people can only obtain birth certificate copies

for themselves or their close relatives,

usually spouse, parent, or child.

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