Baby Daddy child support process

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okay guys welcome back to the lovely

diary and this is me explaining to you

all what I did to start the process of

putting my kids down on child support

for my son he was already on child

support for my daughter but it was not

through the state it was just through

the court so there was no record of the

child support in child support because

it just went through the stick at me I'm

sorry I went through them chords and he

was paying his child support as he

pleased through my daughter's bank

account now I can help you all I mean

not help you all because I'm not a

lawyer but I can tell you on my story so

that you can know what I did to even

just open up a bank account for my child

okay and um one thing that was like the

biggest I don't know stressor that would

have caused me to change my mind was a

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