FL-311: Child Custody and Visitation Attachment (Part 1)

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hello my name is William from Pomona

courthouse assuming that John Doe is the

litigant let me guide you through the FL

- 311 form I want to bring to attention

that I will approach this forum for

general cases if you believe your case

to be a typical please visit one of the

self-help centers for assistance click

here for information about the self-help

centers first fill in the captions above

so I'm going to go ahead and write John

Doe and Jenny Ito case number Li point

check the petition box

check box number one for custody

write down the names of the children and

their respective birth dates so I'm

gonna go ahead and write john doe's

first child is Johnny though his

birthday is July 1st 2009 second child

is Jamie also though and her birthday is

now for legal and physical custody check

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