Filing Divorce Papers | Free New York Divorce Guide

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to commence an action for divorce in New

York State the first thing you've got to

do is purchase an index number and you

can do that at the county clerk's office

the fee for this is two hundred and ten

dollars then you want to draft a summons

and verified complaint the complaint

sets forth the reasons that you want to

get a divorce so once you've got your

index number and you filed your summons

and complaint you have to serve your

spouse you have 120 days to serve your

spouse after you filed your your summons

and verified complaint to serve your

spouse you can hire a process server or

to save some money you can have a friend

do it but you cannot do it yourself the

person that serves your spouse has to be

over the age of 18 and they cannot be a

party to the suit which is why you

cannot serve your spouse the process

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