UPS Claims- Simple and Easy

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We understand how frustrating it can be

to have a package damaged or lost,

so we made the UPS claims process

simple and easy.

Whether you're a shipper or a receiver,

it's easy to file a claim.

Start by logging into your UPS account,

enter your tracking number,

and answer a few quick questions about your lost or damaged package.

Then provide a detailed description of your package contents and value

so we can try to locate it

or know how much to reimburse you for your claim.

You may be required to upload supporting documents or photos

to help us investigate this claim.

If you're a receiver filing a damage claim,

Please keep your damaged item in packaging

until the claim process is complete

in case we need a UPS representative

to physically inspect the package

and submit.

Both shipper and receiver will then be able to view the status

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