Diminished Value Claim - How I got State Farm to Pay the Full Amount! (True Story)

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if you've ever been in an automobile

accident and yet it wasn't your fault or

you're in a struggle to try to get

statefarm to pay attention to your

diminished value claim then stay tuned

I'm going to share my true story on how

I got this check for three thousand

three hundred sixty three dollars and

five cents that was my full ask for

diminished value well first we have to

know what diminished value is when

you're in an automobile accident your

car is worth something prior to that

accident now after you get your car

fully repaired it's worth a different

value usually lower the difference

between those two values is diminished

value and it's the best kept secret in

the insurance industry because they

don't tell you that the insurance

company owes you that difference you

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