How to Fix Rust Holes on a Budget Using Fiberglass - NO WELDING

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hello viewers for DIY is here with an

editorial video for everyone in this

particular video here I'll be doing a

demonstration how to repair rust holes

on your vehicle's body panels using

fiberglass now before I do get into this

repair as a disclaimer this is a budget

repair and when done correctly can last

for a very long time however with that

being said if you are wanting to restore

a vehicle properly then this isn't the

repair for you this is a repair where it

can be done at home doesn't cost a load

of money or require any specialty tools

and can easily clean up your vehicle

fiberglass is strong so won't fall out

like a body filler even when using a

reinforcement mesh the two main concerns

with fiberglass is that it doesn't

expand and contract like metal so the

repair may be visible and it may have

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