Fetch Data from Two Tables in PHP | SQL Joins PHP | SQL Tutorial

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hi everyone welcome to my channel my

clicks so today we will be learning how

to implement joins in PHP so for that we

need two tables that is one I have made

a student record table that contains the

record of the student with the name as

student name at present the phone number

and the second table is student result

that will display the results of that

particular student so what we need is we

need a single table in which student

record as well as the result of the

student should be displayed so that is

possible only with the help of joint so

in order to fetch record from both the

tables what we need we need a connection

the database name is JD s1 I can specify

here is if the connection not made then

it will display as the message field so

now I'm implementing the Curie let it be

a she dogs and we can have joints joints

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