How to Extract Data from Twitter using Python [Tweepy API]

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hey welcome back to Super data world

today we're going to show you how to

pull tweets from Twitter and it's a lot

easier than you might think so first to

get started we need to go to Twitter


and when you sign up at Twitter

developer so you'll get a screen to sign

up I've already signed up and you create

a project and for free you get the

different authentication keys that you

need for Twitter so for this project we

need an API key in secret and we need an

access token and secret so just go in

I'll put the link to the

developer.twitter.com in here just go in

and create a project you'll get these

keys and you're good to go so once we've

got those keys we can go into our code

and this code might look a bit

complicated but you can just copy and

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