[Tutorial] - How to use GitHub REST API for Beginners

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in today's video i'll be showing the

quickest and easiest way to start using

github rest api this api allows you to

retrieve all sorts of data regarding

your github account

to begin go ahead and go to this url

that have my address bar i'll make sure

to also include a link in the

description or you can go ahead and just

google github rest api once you've done

that you should see a screen similar to

this or a page i'll go ahead and click

on guides and here click the very first

option it says getting started with the

rest api

and once you're on this page you can see

that this briefly goes over how the api

works and then go ahead and scroll down

until you see this curl command and then

go ahead and copy the api call here and

in this example i'll be using postman to

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