GET Data from API & Display in HTML with JavaScript Fetch API

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hey everyone in this video we will get

some data from an external API and

display it on the page with JavaScript

okay so on the left side I have my HTML

and we're going to write the JavaScript

in script tags here on the right side I

have opened up the project in the

browser and I have opened the console

right you can right click inspect you'll

get the element but we'll use console

here for JavaScript so we want to get

some data from an external API right so

we're using a surface here which will

give us some fake data right so this is

the Json data that we're going to fetch

and then we want to Output it here right

so for now we have an empty list so what

we want to do is that for every user we

create an Li right with their name or

their email let's say I don't know what

they have okay so we'll use email so