How to Fetch data from any website using ESP8266 | IoT Projects

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hello youtubers welcome to my next

tutorial on how to fetch data from any

website you want so this is the Sunday

morning seven Feb 2016 in India time is

10:30 5 a.m. and it's the winter morning

so let's see you what's the temperature

in my city so I am press the temperature

button so it is processing some data and

the temperature here is around 22 degree

Celsius blue it's not that much cold so

yeah so this is all we got to make today

we will learn how to fetch data from any

website so let's get started so

basically I have used this touchscreen

module so that it kept easy for you to

understand this project but you can use

anything you can use any LCD or

7-segment display to display the integer

numbers anything you want yes you

required is a Wi-Fi module okay so first

of all first of all let's declare the

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