How to Treat Urinary Tract Infections in Cats

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hey I'm dr. Bob Payne a veterinarian in

South Kendall comm let's talk about how

to treat urinary tract infections and

cats 1 most infections and cats are

bacterial they're actually inflammatory

and by that I mean they're like an

interstitial cystitis it's just an

inflamed wall of the bladder so how we

do it here in our practice is we try to

get a what we call assistance and tesis

and take urine directly out of the

bladder with a needle I know it sounds

bad but we do it in Pediatrics and you

medicine all the time we look out a


we see if there's any bacteria in there

if so then we treat with the bacteria

that we think they're in there sometimes

we culture the urine but I would say

less than 5% of all cystitis Azur

bacterial and herbs and our

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