How To Deal With A Breakup | Do's & Don'ts

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so you were in love with a girl you

thought could be the one your family

loved her you have a history together

and you would have done anything for and

then she left you completely out of the

blue or maybe it was another balloon

there were signs for a while did you

chose to ignore but whatever you weren't

paying attention to the signs because he

believed in the love you shared

soulmates true love is forever and now

here you are single clueless and you

have no idea if you'll ever find anyone

again or if you're going to adapt

quickly to your new life as an in cell

this can be one of the most painful

times in anyone's life I know it doesn't

feel like it if handled properly this

could be your best opportunity to become

someone you've always wanted to be you

have a ton of leverage right now so to

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