ORVIS - Fly Casting Lessons - Adding Distance To Your Cast

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hi I'm Pete could sir with the orbits

flying schools today I'm going to talk a

little bit about getting more distance

in your cast as fly fishers you know or

most of the flight fishers I see they

always want to cast a little bit further

I'm a big stripe Wrangler I love striper

fishing and I when I first started

striper fishing I always thought the

further I can cast the batter the more

fish I'm going to catch well

I soon found out that that's not

necessarily the case an accurate cast is

more important but sometimes it is nice

to make a little bit of a longer cast

when we make this longer cast there's a

couple things we have to do the first

thing we have to do is make sure we get

a good cast so we got to move that rod

in a straight path and get a good stop

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