How to Beat the Infamous Colorblind Test

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it can suck to be colorblind and

especially to have a clump of ugly

little dots laugh at you as you realize

that you'll never be able to drive a


this little itchy heart plate is often

what keeps us apart from dream jobs so

today on chromophobe I'm going to give

you seven ways to cheat your way past

the ishihara test before we get started

I have been grappling for a year with

the ethics on whether I should make this

video the ethics of Occupational

screening against the colorblind is

contentious and definitely a video in

itself certainly I have no qualms in

helping a mildly colorblind man in China

bypass an ishihara test that aims to

block him from getting a personal

driver's license on the other hand the

ishihara test is appropriately used to

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