How To Download Facebook Video To Phone Gallery

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let's download Facebook videos to your

phone gallery now if you're on an iPhone

or an Android and you would prefer to

download any videos on Facebook to your

gallery I'll show you how to do that

first I'm going to show you how to do it

for your specific videos and then for

other third-party videos that other

people have posted so let's hop into

Facebook we're going to tap the menu

button at the bottom right

and then we're going to tap where it

says reels at the center here

you can see I'm on my profile I can just

tap into any of my reels and I can just

tap those three dots at the bottom right

and hit download real that will

basically save it to my gallery on my

phone I can use it post it wherever else

I want text it email anything like that

but if you wanted to save a different

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