How to Download Facebook Videos on PC & Mac! (UPDATED)

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here's how to download Facebook videos

on PC and Mac I'm going to share the

quickest and the easiest methods that

will allow you to save your Facebook

videos and your Facebook lives to your

computer so that they're ready for reuse

and repurposing okay so I'm over on

Facebook now on my Mac using Chrome but

the process is going to be pretty much

the same no matter which browser you're

using you want to navigate through and

find the video that you want to download

I'm going to pick this one here and then

quickly going to pause it so we don't

need to hear this guy talk but what

you're looking for is up in the top

right hand corner is these three dots if

you press on that then you have the

option to download the video now this

will work if this is your video and that

you're logged into the account that you

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