Major Scales: How to Play F Major Scale on Piano (Right and Left hand)

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I'm going to play the major F scale and

then I'm going to teach you how to play

it okay we're going to start off by

giving the things to the handsome

members on the left hand is playing one

two three four five right hand finger

one two three four five this is middle C

we're gonna start off with the right

hand with finger number one on the F

that's gotta go yeah G a b-flat with

finger number four gotta tuck it under

fake number one we're gonna tuck it

under I'm just gonna go see Big E yeah

again yeah G a B flat C excuse me yeah G

a b-flat Chuck - c d e f now if you want

to bring that down it's gonna go like

this f e d see this is a long stretch

from feint number one being on C we're

gonna stretch all the way to finger

number four okay we're gonna stretch all

it's a phantom of form the B flat this

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