How to Add Function (F) Keys to MacBook Pro 16 Programs

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hey guys so I'm going to show you the

occasional function keys on your MacBook

Pro 16 and also you can add them

permanently to your touch bar now just

so you guys know borders touch bar up


yeah both are the same functions here so

just for example the volume control but

if you want the F keys to be WestEd then

what you do is you hold down on FN right

here in the bottom left and you guys are

here we have all 12 of the F keys on

touch bar so does press whichever you

want okay so now if you want the FTC

remain up here without having to hold

down on that Bend so for that all you do

is in the top left corner just press on

yep all go and then System Preferences

so from here you're gonna click on

keyboard which is towards the bottom

right right here and then you're going

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